POF Model High School Campus IV Gudwal known as Sir Syed School & College Campus IV Wah Cantt was established in April 1994. Land and major portion of the school building was provided by POF to meet the increasing educational need of 26 and 27 Area. The school has co-education with separate class rooms for boys and girls with double shift. It is an English Medium School from P.G to 2nd year. The total area of the school is 205265 sq ft with the covered area of 41129 sq ft.

Aims & Objectives

We believe that to achieve success we, the school community and parents need to be focused towards our aim and objectives. Hence, SSES aims not merely at giving instruction to enable its students to pass examination but imparting a well-rounded education based on the formation of character and resting on sound moral principles, grounded on a healthy atmosphere of respect and justice accorded to each student who is unique and gifted. Our specific aims and objectives are:

  • SSES accepts as true that education recognizes the dignity of man and the potential of each individual person whose dignity and potential can only bloom fully if nurtured by genuine religion and sound education.
  • To provide education as an inalienable right of every human.
  • To take in accord the person’s human life; its physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, individual, domestic and social aspects.
  • To help meet the demands of our national goals and aspirations.
  • To aid and guide students to harness their higher studies and professional development.
  • To help the individual adjust to the community and enhance the range and quality of participation in the basic functions of the society.
  • To be trained in the art of creative and critical thinking, adjusting to daily situations, and thus grow in responsibility.
  • To create in the school campus an atmosphere of love and understanding in constant dialogue and open communication so that school and family may blossom into a community of responsible and happy citizens.
  • To nurse noble ideals of respect for self and others thus grow selfless and responsive agents of change when required for the upliftment of quality human life.

Curriculum & Syllabus

Play Group to Prep

Grade 1 to 5th


SSES+ Oxford & Character Education Foundation

Oxford+ Character Education Foundation & PTBB

As per requirement of Federal Board


For Parents

  1. Parents are requested to see and sign the progress reports of there children.
  2. All suggestions or complaints should be made direct to the Principal.
  3. Parents should not visit the class rooms during school/college hours.


There is a system of monthly tests. The class coordinator keeps the record of the monthly test. In case of poor result the parents are informed . Results of the examination are informed to the parents and sent to the parents through the students.

Following exams are being conducted for Montessori till Grade 8th

1st Check Point.

Mid Term Exams.

2nd Check Points.

Final Examination

Attendance & Leave

Regular attendance is necessary.

A student who is absent without leave for 6 days in a month consecutively is struck off the rolls.

Student failing to record 75% attendance at the end of the session will be detained.

Medical leave can be sanctioned in case of serious illness, which must be certified by the qualified doctor.

School/College Uniform

Grade 1 to Matric Level

For Girls

Check A-line shirt with navy blue coat collar, navy blue strips on sleeves & pockets.

White sash/ navy blue dupatta with white blue check piping. White straight shalwar.

White socks and black school shoes

For Boys

Check shirt with navy blue collar, cuffs and strip on pocket.

School monogrammed navy blue neck tie.

Navy blue pant/ trouser.

Black socks and black oxford shoes.

College Level

For Girls

White shirt with check coat collar, check strip on sleeves and pockets.

Navy blue dupatta with white blue check piping.

White straight shalwar

For Boys

White shirt with check collar, cuff and strip on pocket.

Grey pant/ trouser.

School monogrammed navy blue neck tie

For Winters

School Monogrammed Navy blue sweater/ blazer.


Phone: 051-4909367