Aims & Objectives

We believe that to achieve success we, the school community and the parents need to be focused towards our aims and objectives. Hence, SSES aims not merely at giving instruction to enable its students to pass examination but imparting a well-rounded education based on the formation of character and resting on sound moral principles, grounded on a healthy atmosphere of respect and justice accorded to each student who is unique and gifted. Our specific aims and objectives are:

  1. SSES accepts as true that education recognizes the dignity of man and the potential of each individual person whose dignity and potential can only bloom fully if nurtured by genuine religion and sound education.
  2. To provide education as an inalienable right of every human.
  3. To take in accord the person’s human life; its physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, individual, domestic and social aspects.
  4. To help meet the demands of our national goals and aspirations.
  5. To aid and guide students to harness their higher studies and professional development.
  6. To help the individual adjust to the community and enhance the range and quality of participation in the basic functions of the society.
  7. To be trained in the art of creative and critical thinking, adjusting to daily situations, and thus grow in responsibility.
  8. To create in the school campus an atmosphere of love and understanding in constant dialogue and open communication so that school and family may blossom into a community of responsible and happy citizens.
  9. To nurse noble ideals of respect for self and others thus grow into selfless and responsive agents of change when required for the upliftment of quality human life.


Grade-I to Matric Level

For Girls

For Boys

Check A-line shirt with navy blue coat collar, navy blue strips on sleeves & pockets.

White sash/navy blue dupatta with white blue check piping.

White straight shalwar.

White socks.

Black school shoes with buckle.

Check shirt with navy blue collar, cuffs and strip on pocket.

Navy blue pant/trouser.

White socks, Black school shoes with laces black belt with simple plain buckle.

College Level

For Girls

For Boys

White shirt with check coat collar, check strip on sleeves and pockets.

Navy blue dupatta with white blue check piping.

White straight shalwar.

White socks, Black Shoes.

White shirt with check collar, cuff and strip on pocket.

Grey pant/trouser.

White socks, Black shoes with laces.

Black belt with simple plain buckle.

For Winter

Navy blue sweater/blazer.

Fun Activities

Co & Extra Curricular Activities

“A moment lasts a second but the memory lives on forever……”

SSSC provides a platform to its students where they discover and polish their hidden talents and poten-tials. The school provides ten clubs and four houses to fulfil the above mentioned requi-rement. The aim of these Houses and Clubs is to pro-mote joyful learning enviro-nment which increases their confidence through com-munication of the students of different levels and deve-loping the healthy sense of
competition. It teaches them the values and to exhibit their hidden talent by giving a way out to their peculiar qualities. They select the clubs according to their own choice.

Educational/ Recreational Trips

Off-campus activities such as educational tours and field trips ,seminars/workshops, compe-titions, school delig-ations and other off-campus activities are conducted as well gearing tow-ards the vision/mi-ssion of SSSC.

National and Inter-School Competitions

Preparation for national qualification is a priority. We offer different opportunities through numerous contests to extend and challenge the capabilities of our students, ensuring a quality and positive learning environment that exi-sts for all. Our students consis-tently outperform in different Inter-School Competitions,
such as, Quiz Conest, Bilingual Declamation Contest, Science and Art Contests, Spelling Bee, Bait Bazi, Drama Competition, Naat and Qirat Competitions etc.

Discipline Policy

1.1. General Policies:

1.1.1. The rules and regulations as stated below are measures to improve the school/college environment and make the atmosphere inclusive for learning.

1.1.2. The enrolment of a student in Sir Syed School/College & College, Campus IX is taken as an expressed agreement on his/her part, as well as his/her parents or guardians to abide by the rules and regulations of the school/College and their commitment to the strict observance of the same.

1.1.3. To enhance the working relationship between the school/ College and the home for the student’s welfare, parents/guardians are encouraged to confer with the school/ College authorities at their own initiative or upon invitation by the school/College for conferences. It is also the parents’/guardian’s duty and responsibility to monitor the progress of their children in their academic and conduct performance.

1.1.4. The school/College reserves the right to admit, re-admit, refuse or dismiss a student on the basis of his/her academic, conduct performance and attendance in accordance with administrative and disciplinary policies.

1.1.5. No student must use the name or seal of the school/College without official authorization.

1.1.6. Students may be called out of the classroom by means of a call slip.

1.2. Behavioral Expectations of Sir Syedians:

The following manifestations of good behavior are expected of all Sir-Syedians to show that they have internalized and understood the philosophy of the School/ College and are convinced of its Aims and Objectives.

1.2.1. Coming to School/ College and before going to Class: Leave the house early enough so as to arrive on time for class. Show respect to the guard and to all school / College personnel. Wear proper uniform with School / College ID. Bring all things required for the day’s activities. Bring your Gate Permit Cards if you go on your own, on daily basis. It is mandatory to show it on the gate before leaving the school/College premises Parents/Guardians or the van drivers must show Student Pick-up Card at the gate at dismissal to receive your ward.

1.2.2. During Morning Assembly: The student must report before the Warning Bell rings. (Summer 07:50 & Winters 08:00) The morning assembly starts the school / College activities every day. Students are expected to join the line formation punctually and quietly when the bell rings. Avoid talking and doing unnecessary movements while waiting for the morning assembly to begin. Listen attentively to announcements and pay respect to the speaker. Pray fervently. Sing fervently the National Anthem.

1.2.3. During Lunch break: Maintain the cleanliness of the place where you are to eat and observe proper garbage disposal. Refrain from running and making unnecessary noise and respect those who are eating during the said period.  Playing balls and other play equipment is discouraged during this time, since it is time designated for eating/relaxing. 

1.2.4. In the Classroom Listen well to the discussion of the lesson and actively participate in the recitation group work, board work, seat work and other activities. Show respect to the teacher by greeting him/her properly. Pay close attention to the teachers and classmates during class discussions. Wait quietly in the classroom when the teacher is late or absent. Ask permission from the teacher while leaving the room. Leave the chairs properly arranged and make the classroom clean. Turn off the lights and electric fans when not in use. Refrain from staying in the classroom after dismissal except for those with special permission from their advisers. Refrain from writing on the walls, chairs, and other school/College properties. 

Disciplinary Policy



  • Students are required to attend classes regularly and punctually. Regularity and punctuality are essential factors for success in school/College activities. 
  • The school/College should be informed by writing an application when a student is absent. This should be duly signed by parents or guardian. 
  • When a student has been absent because of a contagious illness, a medical certificate from his/her attending physician should be presented. 
  • When a student is absent from class, he/she is responsible for all the requirements during his/her absence. 
  • If a student stays absent for more than two weeks without informing his/her name will be struck off strength.


When a student has to leave school / College earlier, his/her parents are requested to secure an excuse slip. Child will be allowed to leave the school/College premises only in the supervision of parents/guardians.


Habitual tardiness shall be dealt with accordingly. For any case of tardiness, a student should give an explanation to the teacher as soon as he/she arrives in class. Three recorded tardiness is equivalent to one day of absence. Students who are late for more than 1 hour are considered absent.

For Habitual Tardiness:

1st Offense  – Counseling/Verbal warning

2nd Offense  – First Written warning & calling parents

3rd Offense  – Second Written Warning

4th Offense  – Sent back home, in severe cases Two days suspension


The following minor offenses carry following penalties:

First Offense: Fine of Rs. 50/- and Counseling Verbal warning.

Second Offense: Fine of Rs. 50/- and Counseling Verbal warning.

Third Offense:  Final Written Warning with two suspension.


3.1.1.  Improper use of uniform and failure to wear Identification Card. 

3.1.2. Improper haircut. 

3.1.3. Littering. 

3.1.4. Eating or chewing during class hours. 

3.1.5. Using and writing “foul language”. 

3.1.6. Not bringing copies, books, laboratory gown and other materials to class. 

3.1.7. Playing ball along corridors, stairways and inside the classroom.

3.1.8. Bringing toys in school/College. (except when needed in the lesson). 

3.1.9. Entering wash room in groups. 

3.1.10. Wearing of excessive and expensive jewelries. 

3.1.11. Leaving the classroom without room pass or using the room pass in group.

3.2. The penalty of suspension of a student for two to seven days depending on the conditions is stipulated for the commission of any of the following acts.

3.2.1. Gross misconduct causing dishonor to the institution. 

3.2.2. Gross dishonesty (Cheating and Stealing). 

3.2.3. “Bunking” classes or leaving the school / College without permission. 

3.2.4. Bullying/ any acts of extortion.

3.2.5. Carrying dangerous weapons or crackers/fireworks inside the campus. 

3.2.6. Smoking and possession of cigarettes/ match box or any kind of addictive material inside the school / College 

premises and within the vicinity of the school / College. 

3.2.7. Vandalism (intentionally destroying the property of the school / College or another person in any form). 

3.2.8. Forging, tampering with school / College records, transfer forms or issuing /presenting forged credentials including School/College ID (Forgery of parents, teachers, and other school/College official’s signature). 

3.2.9. Instigating or engaging in activities resulting in damage to campus or school / College facilities or injury to persons.

3.2.10. Any kind of sectarianism or promoting social discriminations. 

3.2.11. Bringing any kind of prohibited things like play cards, metal chains, laser light, pointed scissors, marbles etc.

3.3. Other Serious Offenses that Carry the Penalty of exclusion.

3.3.1. Frequent and continued disregard of School/College rules and regulations despite repeated verbal and written warnings.

3.3.2. Fighting (of any form) which may or may not result in physical injury upon any member of the School/ College community.

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