EDUCATION is a life-long process whereby people grow and develop their potentials in the pursuit of their mission for a greater good. The SCHOOL is a phase in the process of growth of the person and is an aid in the fulfillment of his/her life mission.

The motto of our school Committed Education way to Success’- sums up this approach. Pupils are taught to develop their talents, not just for their own benefit but for the benefit of the wider comm-unity. As a result, they leave the college as well-rounded, thought-ful individuals, imbued with the key quality of emotional intelligen-ce so valued in today’s employment world.

What are the qualities that mark Sir Syed School and College Ca-mpus-9 out from other schools? Principle among these is our su-pportive and nurturing ethos. The SSES was founded in 1964 and has been a beacon of Sir Syedian education ever since. True to the spirit of our founders, we care very much for the individual child, looking to draw out the talents each one has. We believe in form-ing the whole person, stretching pupils academically but also fo-stering their enthusiasms, whether these be sporting, musical, dr-amatic or any of the myriad other possibilities open to them.

I want my students to feel safe and happy. I want them to enjoy learning and achieve highly. I want them to be confident in tac-kling challenges but be caring of others along the way. I want th-em to develop postive social skills, healthy relationship values and a strong sense of improving themselves as individuals.

Sir Syed School and College Campus-9 is a friendly, dynamic co-mmunity. There are many opportunities for parental involve-ment. I hope that through your participation and interest you will come to feel very much a part of our school and its community.

Looking forward for a very bright future for our up-coming generations and PAKISTAN!