“Students need a wide range of learning experiences: doing, seeing, watching, reading, discussing, talking, listening, writing, recording investigating, experimenting, creating, trying out, problem solving. The potential of our students is often left unrealized because of the paucity of healthy pedagogical practices found in most classrooms and schools. The capacity of every child to discover and create is boundless. It is essential to encourage the development of student’s skills, learning and understanding through exposure to all spheres of the educational experience. Seek “education” as an act of obedience to Allah’s first commandment to mankind “Iqra”. It is education that enlightens your mind and ennobles your soul. It is education that lifts you from selfish ‘I’ to the heights of nobility and gracious service for humanity. It is education that brings out the goodness of your heart and sharpness of your intellect so that you may contribute to life in a worthwhile manner. Every student is a unique being who requires a positive environment of openness, tolerance and acceptance in which to develop his or her fullest intellectual and emotional potential. At SSHSC it is our mission not only to inspire but also to instill and foster a sense of dedication, commitment and responsibility to duties. SSHSC endeavors to provide an atmosphere which respects diversity and helps students gain a positive image of themselves at all levels of achievement.”

Wasim Sadiq