Chairman POF Board is the Patron in Chief of SSEI. Sir Syed School & College Campus (VI) is working under the umbrella of SSES (Sir Syed Education Society) which has been imparting quality education for last five decades. It is located in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of (WahCantt/Havelian/Sanjwal) which has a remarkably high literacy rate.


We believe that to achieve success we, the school community and the parents need to be focused towards our aims and objectives. Hence, SSES aims not merely at giving instruction to enable its students to pass examination but imparting a well-rounded education based on the formation of character and resting on sound moral principles, grounded on a healthy atmosphere of respect and justice accorded to each student who is unique and gifted. Our specific aims and objectives are:

  • SSES accepts as true that education recognizes the dignity of man and the potential of each individual person whose dignity and potential can only bloom fully if nurtured by genuine religion and sound education.
  • To provide education as an inalienable right of every human.
  • To take in accord the person’s human life; its physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, individual, domestic and social aspects.
  • To help meet the demands of our national goals and aspirations.
  • To aid and guide students to harness their higher studies and professional development.
  • To help the individual adjust to the community and enhance the range and quality of participation in the basic functions of the society.
  • To be trained in the art of creative and critical thinking, adjusting to daily situations, and thus grow in responsibility.
  • To create in the school campus an atmosphere of love and understanding in constant dialogue and open communication so that school and family may blossom into a community of responsible and happy citizens.
  • To nurse noble ideals of respect for self and others thus grow into selfless and responsive agents of change when required for the upliftment of quality human life.