Sir Syed Educational Institutions are being run by Sir Syed Education Society. Sir Syed Education Society is a registered NGO which is self-supporting Chairman POF Board is the Patron in chief SSEI.It is governed by a President, a vise President and a Gen Secretary as its managing committee.

The steady and organic growth of Sir Syed Education Society since the 1st institution, we have seen the society developing into a network of schools, colleges and professional Teachers Training Institute having a reputation of operational excellence. The SSES Secretariat is based in Wah Cantt. We support the branches throughout Wah Cantt, Sanjwal and Havelian Cantt.

The progressive nature of Sir Syed Educational Society has kept a pace with its expansion and has evolved in to a forward looking and student centric organization producing gifted and promising students along with the remarkable results characterized by a tradition of holistic student development.

We have pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and have made a real and lasting impact on student lives.

The Sir Syed Educational institutions experience provides students with confidence, knowledge and 21st century skills necessary to meet the challenges of an increasing competitive global community, while remaining true to the preservations and promotions of our National Traditions, Ethics and values.

We look forward to welcome you to Sir Syed Educational Institutions.