A school logo is an emblem of school’s educational philosophy that symbolizes the values, thoughts, goals, objectives and identity of an institution.  It projects a distinct character that differentiates it from others. Sir Syed Educational Institutions have their own unique identity.To express our respects to the founders of SSES and to the torchbearer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the theme of the logo has been derived from the Logo of Aligarh University. The main objects of this logo are open book, palm tree, star and crescent.The open book signifies wisdom and represents the source which invites the students to quench their thrust of knowledge.The evergreen palm tree stands for the principal, teachers and personnel who constitute the gentle formation of the young entrusted to their care. The growth of the tree inculcates the spirit to move and be challenged with hope, faith and courage to act on their beliefs.The star stands for achievement. The school/college community must put in all their efforts to reach the zenith of intellect. The crescent has many symbolic meanings, such as victory and beauty, eternal blessings and the growth towards fulfilment. The round shape of the logo represents the desire of the school for holistic growth of every Sir Syedian student.

Sir Syed Education Society LOGO