Education is shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated studnets and enthusiastic parents. The role of school is not only to persue academic excellence but also to empower the students as a well groomed personality, ready to bring change in global world and to keep pace with the dynamically changing world.

Sir Syed School Campus-7 is striving its best to provide the quality education under the best possible environment combining with academics and co-curricular activities by contextualized study of a comprehensive curriculum which is being given by diversified strategies, modern teaching equipment and techniques. As a committed team, we will continue to develop and enhance the school by focusing on the every child as an individual, with the highest academic standards, inculcating the religious, social traits among the students to be wholesome personality. We are trying to provide an atmosphere to our students for multifaceted progress to channelize their potential up to maximum. We are constantly improving our teaching methodologies so that learning is permanent and relevant.

A student harnessed in this environment has every hope of becoming a balanced, responsible individual to live and shoulder the responsibilities in society. Children need a supportive and congenial environment at home and in school. At the school, our approaches to learning are child centered, activity based to infuse analytical skills among students. The parents are the cementing aspect in evolving the future of a child. With their cooperation and constant feedback, with highly competent and skilled teachers and all allied facilities; we will put all our efforts to excel.

As a principal I assure all that we, as a team will provide such academic environment which is conductive for all our students.